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Wesco Vegetation Management

and Services CC

Wesco Vegetation Management and Services specialises in Vegetation Management and Control
including the Risk of Damage Caused by Fire
Bush Clearing

Wesco uses mechanical and chemical clearing methods.
Wide fire-breaks are then maintained during the growing season by mechanical mowing or controlled burning.

Alien Plant and Tree Clearing

Wesco undertakes contract clearing of alien vegetation.
We remove plants and trees,
Herbicide Applications


Fire Breaks

Fire breaks are essential in all danger areas. These fire breaks need to be maintained clear of all vegetation, we achieve this by means of Mechanical Mowing or Controlled Burning.

Fire Management. Fire Fighting

Firefighting is a dangerous and very demanding job.
Firefighters often use fire to counter burn against an incoming fire.

Wesco Vegetation Management and Services
We Minimize the Risk of Damage caused by Fires
About Us

Introduction to Wesco

Wesco Vegetation Management and Services was founded in 2015. Although the company is relatively young, the team has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of work.

Managing member and founder, P Wessels, has been working in Vegetation Management and Fire Management fields for 15 years prior to starting Wesco Vegetation Management and Services. 


To become one of the most relied upon service providers in the Vegetation Management and control field in South Africa.

To serve as a job creation centre where we offer semi-skilled labour the opportunity to obtain a qualification and subsequently raise their standard of living.

Mission :

To constantly provide the highest level of performance 

To be flexible when putting together a plan and strategy that works best for our clients

To deliver on our promises to our clients that exceeds expectations


To work pro-actively to ensure maximum productiveness.  

Excellent time management

To finish each project with extreme accuracy in the least amount of time.  

Maintain integrity and transparency in all our business transactions 

We take pride in precision and believe that by delivering a great service, and being accountable we will build lifelong relationships with our clients.


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